The Search for Maltese Innovators

solving global challenges








The Search for Maltese Innovators

solving global challenges








The deadline for Maltese submissions for the current round of Ideas from Europe has passed.

But if you are working on an idea and want to get ready for the next intake, please fill in the details below.

All ideas will be reviewed and if appropriate, paired with the right mentors and partners to help you further.


* If your idea is currently Malta focused, think through where else the problem exists and create a solution with broader reach.

* If the funding of your idea relies on donations or solely EU funding, challenge yourself to create a sustainable income stream. Think through who it solves a problem for, who it adds value to and therefore who would be willing to pay for  it.

* If you are working on a solution in the healthcare space, you will need clinical trials.

* Every field is there for a reason, including the video.  It doesn’t have to be fancy – in fact, keep it simple. The people behind the idea are the fuel. Help us get a sense of who you are.


Your Details

Executive Summary

The Problem and Your Solution

Timelines and Milestones

The Team


N.B. Should you have any difficulty in submitting your idea, please PDF the submission form and email it to

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