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In the meantime, here are some discussions and food for thought.

Thank you for connecting

We’ll be in touch to take you through our onboarding process.

In the meantime, here are some discussions and food for thought.

COVID-19 and the use of data and technology

COVID-19 is a pressing issue facing humanity. Against that backdrop, we wanted to explore the appropriate use of data and technology. To do that, we had a conversation with Ali Farzanehfar – a final year PhD student at Imperial College London. Ali’s research and interests are currently split between issues in data privacy and the impact of AI on industry. Full bio here.

COVID-19 - surveillance and the need to stay vigilant

The pandemic is a ‘threat’ to us currently. But it could be used as an excuse to create a more significant threat in our future – a threat to our freedom and privacy. We must be mindful and stay vigilant that we don’t allow the current crisis to dupe us into a dystopian future. Watch a clip to highlight the issues and the ensuing discussion.

Technology is part of the solution, but not the whole solution

We sometimes think tech can solve all ills. But that is not the case. We touched upon some of the issues during a panel on crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending. In a nutshell – the human factor. Given the economic impact from COVID-19, especially on SMEs, it’s high time we disrupt the way we do business.

Discussion on AI & Intellectual Property

 A recent article in Technology Review posed the question of whether AI can be an inventor. In principle, it’s a debate around IP law and whether AI can own ideas it generates. We posed the question on LinkedIn, where we had a range of perspectives ranging from lawyers to PhD students researching related subjects. It’s worth a read. Additional views always welcome.

Rethinking How We Frame Entrepreneurial Success Stories

We often hear ‘it’s a great company, they’ve raised $x’. We have long held the view this is the wrong metric, and recent disasters (e.g. WeWork, Uber and Theranos) have confirmed this. We thought it was time to peel back the layers on venture investing and what we should be looking at. Here is the article featured in Entrepreneur Middle East.

A Discussion on Data, Privacy & Ownership

People were up in arms when they found out about the Cambridge Analytica / Facebook debacle. Yet too many people have a lackadaisical attitude towards data and privacy. We believe we are morally obligated to ensure we do not create a future that is unpalatable for future generations. We took the debate to Linkedin and an interesting discussion unfolded. 

A Closer Look at MENA Startups (2019)

Following on from a report produced by MAGNiTT and 500 Startups on the startup scene in the MENA Region, we peel back the layers on some of the issues raised, exploring the root causes, NOT merely high-level stats.

AMANIcircle | case study

Is FOMO driving your decisions?

When a company is getting lots of press coverage, receiving accolades or awards, and raising significant capital, the general assumption is that someone somewhere has done their due diligence. Theranos is one of those examples, a company we flagged as a no-go a year before the scandal.

3 Skills You Need to Hack the Hype in Tech Investing

We have witnessed some terrible projects (and founders) getting funded. This is a problem for many reasons, but a key one is that the wrong thinking around technology can have dire consequences (remember Cambridge Analytica and Theranos?)